With the Graveler you should imagine yourself rolling down mountain trails, going over creeks, and maneuvering thru compact desolate areas with ease. Obstacles are just things to roll straight over, not avoid. Eating up gravel with off-road capability including its lightweight design, impressive rooftop tent, and large caged storage space; it makes setting up camp anywhere a breeze.

Graveler XT

An evolved form of the Graveler; the XT refines the rooftop tent feature from the Graveler to an innovative forward fold with lavish living quarters that fold out making camping a bit cozier and more spacious. Equipped with LED lighting and two sleeping areas perfect for any family outing. The XT is perfect for any off-road experience that makes you able to set up camp anywhere in just 15 minutes.


The Dweller brings the 21 st century to the camping world with state-of- the-art equipment that not only makes camping easy but more enjoyable for any type of family wanting to escape from the city life and get outdoors. The ultramodern interior design makes the word luxury look like an understatement. With the first of its kind “in the bunk” technology; the a/c is underneath the bed keeping things ice cold inside for hot days or turning up the heat for cool nights. It allows you or your family to break away from the normal paved camp sites and incorporate the same amenities for more of a dispersed off-grid experience.